NETTLE tea is an Irish remedy for anaemia, and there seem to be safe grounds for considering it so. Young nettle leaves have the effect of increasing the haemoglobin in the blood, hence the various “spring tonic” uses one finds in folk medicine, whether it is called that or “blood purifier”. The medicine usually takes the form of a tea, and sometimes dandelion leaves are included, as in a Dorset “blood tonic” recipe. SWEET CICELY is said to be a great help in curing, or avoiding, anaemia, and WOOD SORREL formed part of an Irish cure for anaemia. BLACKBERRIES, too, are good for the condition. ONIONS will reduce blood pressure, and improve the blood in cases of anaemia. CHICKWEED contains both copper and iron, so it is useful for anaemia. In what seems to be an example of the doctrine of signatures, Cherokee medicine men used BLOODROOT in remedies for regulating menstruation, and also for anaemia.