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Herb-Drug Interactions: Cascara

Rhamnus purshiana DC. (Rhamnaceae) Synonym(s) and related species Cascara sagrada, Chittem bark, Rhamnus, Sacred bark. Frangula purshiana Cooper. Pharmacopoeias Cascara (British Ph 2009, European Ph 2008); Standardised Cascara Dry Extract (British Ph 2009, European Ph 2008); Cascara Sagrada (The United States Ph 32). Constituents Anthraquinone glycosides are major components of cascara and include cascarosides A, B, C, D, E and F, aloins A and B, and chrysaloins A and B. Aloe-emodin, barbaloin, crysophanol, emodin, frangulin and physcion are also present in small amounts, as are resins and tannins. Use and indications Cascara bark is used as a laxative. Pharmacokinetics For information on the pharmacokinetics of an anthraquinone glycoside present in cascara, see under aloes. Interactions overview No interactions with cascara found; however, cascara (by virtue of its anthraquinone content) is expected to share some of the interactions of a number of other anthraquinone-containing laxatives, such as aloes and senna9. Of particular relevance are the interactions with corticosteroids, digitalis glycosides and potassium-depleting diuretics. Read more […]