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Stress: Rhaponticum

R. carthamoides has been used for centuries in Siberia as a folk medicine for the treatment of fatigue, anemia, and impotence, as well as for convalescence after illness. In 1961 the liquid extract (1:1) was officially recognized and included in the Soviet Pharmacopoeia as a natural agent for overcoming fatigue, improving physical and mental productivity and stamina, and shortening recovery time after illness. The roots and rhizomes are considered the plant’s medicinal parts; the active ingredients are primarily phytoecdysterones (especially ecdysterone), although the plant also contains a number of other biologically active compounds, including flavonoids, sesqui-terpene lactones, and polyines. R. carthamoides extract standardized to 5% ecdysterone is considered the most potent form. Several decades of research have demonstrated numerous pharmacologic effects in animal models and human studies. It is a classic adaptogen with a wide range of activities, including normalizing effect on the central nervous and cardiovascular systems, sleep, appetite, moods (neurotic, asthenic, depressive, hypochondriac), mental and physical state, and the ability to function well under stress. It has marked anabolic activities, building Read more […]