Passionflower: Practice Points – Patient Counselling. FAQ

• Both human and animal studies confirm passionflower has significant anxiolytic activity.

• One randomised study found that it has significantly less negative effects on performance than 30 mg oxazepam, yet is as effective for GAD.

• Maximal effects may require several days of regular intake.

• It is not known whether physical tolerance develops.

• One study has shown it improves psychological symptoms during opiate withdrawal when used together with clonidine.

• In practice, it is often prescribed with other herbs for stronger anxiolytic effect.

Answers to Patients’ Frequently Asked Questions

What will this herb do for me?

Passionflower has an anxiolytic effect that can relieve restlessness and nervous tension. In higher doses, it is used for insomnia.

When will it start to work?

When being used for anxiety, it may take 3-4 weeks before significant effects are seen.

Are there any safety issues?

Overall, passionflower does not appear to impair job performance. However, it may theoretically interact with other sedative medicines when used in high doses. Other interactions are theoretically possible, so use should be monitored by a healthcare professional.