Tabernaemontana spp.

The family Apocynaceae is probably one of the richest sources of drugs in the plant kingdom. Both alkaloids, e.g. reserpine, vincristine, vinblastine, ajmalicine and serpentine, and steroids, e.g. strophantidine, are found in species of this family. One of the larger indole alkaloid-bearing tribes within this family is Tabernaemontaneae. The tribe Plumerieae comprises well-known genera such as Catharanthus, Vinca, Amsonia, Rhazya and Alstonia. The Tribe Tabernaemontaneae For the genera belonging to the tribe Tabernaemontaneae, as presented in Table Genera belonging to the tribe Tabernaemontaneae, we followed the classification of Leeuwenberg. For the most recent classification see Leeuwenberg (1987). In this paper is also reporten, that T. orientalis is a synonym for T. pandacaqui Poir. Table Genera belonging to the tribe Tabernaemontaneae Family Apocynaceae Subfamily Plumerioideae Tribe Tabernaemontaneae Genus Tabernaemontana 120 species, tropics Stemmadenia 17 species, America Voacanga 14 species, Africa, Asia Callichilia 7 species, Africa Tabernanthe 1 species, Africa Schizozygia 1 species, Africa Carvalhoa 1 species, Africa Crioceras 1 Read more […]