It is said that a preparation of MULLEIN flowers in olive oil, made for earache (see EARACHE), can be used to cure children of bed-wetting. The dose would be a few drops in warm water. HORSETAIL tea, being rich in silicic acid, can be used for urinary problems, including bed-wetting. Alabama children were given a tea made from the berries of THREE-LEAF SUMACH to cure them of bed-wetting, and PUMPKIN seeds were also used there for the same purpose. This is strange, because the same tea is known as an efficient diuretic. Similarly, DANDELION, the best known of all diuretics, the recipient of vernacular names like Pissabed, was also used to stop the misfortune. The flowers were given to Fenland children to smell on May Day to inhibit bed-wetting for the next twelve months. Perhaps these are examples of homeopathic magic. An infusion of ST JOHN’S WORT also was used. In Russian folk medicine, CENTAURY and St John’s Wort were mixed in equal amounts for this.