Bruise a leaf of BALSAMINT and put it on a bee sting — it will bring relief. So will SUMMER SAVORY (and Winter Savory, Satureia montana) leaves, and Gerard advised using MALLOW leaves. He went on “if a man be first anointed with the leaves stamped with a little oile, he shal not be stung at all”. ONION juice rubbed on a bee or wasp sting was an old Wiltshire beekeepers’ remedy, but there is nothing either local or esoteric about that; the remedy is recorded in Norfolk, too, and in Ireland, and in America. It appeared, too, in the Gardeners’ receipt book, 1861. Lawrence Durrell also mentioned it as standard practice in Corfu. CHICKWEED can be applied to a sting, to get the swelling down, or rub MARIGOLD petals on them. WATER MINT is “… good against the stingings of bees and wasps, if the place be rubbed therewith”.