PARSLEY makes a good lotion for getting rid of dandruff, and helps to stave off baldness. The Wiltshire remedy was to massage the scalp with a NETTLE infusion each day (see also Baldness). An American domestic remedy for the condition is to use a lotion made of one part APPLE juice to three parts of water. Evelyn favoured a MYRTLE decoction for dandruff, and also for dyeing the hair black. Not only that, but “it keepeth them from shedding”. Gerard reported thet the “juyce of the decoction” (of FENUGREEK) “pressed forth doth dense the haire, taketh away dandruffs…”, and the “meale”, presumably the paste or porridge made from the seeds, he reports as being “good to wash the head…, for it taketh away the scarfe, scales, nits, and all other imperfections”.

An American cure for dandruff and falling hair is to make a strong tea from PEACH leaves. Native Americans, especially the Pueblo groups, used SOAPWEED (Yucca glauca) not only as a soap substitute, but as a ritual hair shampoo in initiation ceremonies, but the Kiowa claimed it was an effective cure for dandruff and baldness.