LEEK poultices were put on them (Physicians of Myddfai). A Somerset treatment used MALLOW leaves, either by an infusion, or simply by using the leaves as a poultice. Green CABBAGE leaves were a favourite Irish country way to treat an ulcer, by poultice, perhaps? But not necessarily, for the leaves could simply be applied. Herbalists prescribe cabbage juice for stomach ulcers, for which BUCKBEAN infusions were given in Scotland, successfully, apparently. Another Scottish remedy, from the Highlands, was to use ROSEROOT on ulcers. An ointment has been made from WOAD to heal ulcers, and gypsies used the juice of fresh COLTSFOOT leaves in making such an ointment. GOOSE-GRASS is traditionally used to soothe wounds and ulcers. In Ireland a whole mass of the herb would be applied, while the juice was given internally at the same time.