Herb-Drug Interactions: Oregon grape

Mahonia aquifolium (Pursh) Nutt. (Berberidaceae)

Synonym(s) and related species

Holly-leaved berberis, Mountain grape.

Berberis aquifolium (Pursh), Mahonia aquifolium Nutt.


The root, rhizome and stem bark contain the isoquinoline alkaloids berberine, berbamine, columbamine, jatrorrhizine, oxyacanthine, oxyberberine and others.

Use and indications

Used for many conditions, particularly diarrhoea, gastritis and skin diseases such as psoriasis.


No relevant pharmacokinetic data found for Oregon grape, but see berberine, for details on this constituent of Oregon grape.

Interactions overview

No interactions with Oregon grape found. However, for the interactions of one of its constituents, berberine, see under berberine.