Perilla: Practice Points – Patient Counselling. FAQ

• Perilla exhibits anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, antioxidant and anticariogenic activity. Preliminary evidence also suggests hepatoprotective and behavioural effects.

• Perilla leaf and defatted seed extracts are specifically used for allergic respiratory disorders including hay fever, asthma and sinusitis.

• Perilla leaf and defatted seed extract may downregulate Th2-type cytokine production and prevent theTh1/Th2 balance from shifting toward Th2-type immune responses that may be associated with a range of allergic reactions and autoimmune disorders.

• Perilla refined oil is a good source of n-3 series alpha-linolenic acid and extracts should be free of perillyl ketones and aldehydes.

Answers to Patients’ Frequently Asked Questions

What can this herb do for me?

Perilla is used in the treatment of allergic respiratory conditions, such as hay fever, asthma and sinusitis. Preliminary evidence suggests that it may be beneficial; however, more rigorous studies are still required to confirm effectiveness.

When will it start to work?

Relief of symptoms should be noticed within the first week, although it may take a couple of weeks to show a significant effect. For hay fever, it would be beneficial to start taking perilla at least 1 month before the onset of the hay fever season.

Are there any safety issues?

Perilla is very well tolerated and non-toxic. It can be used long term if indicated.