Valerian: Toxicity. Adverse Reactions


According to one case report, a dose of valerian taken at approximately 20-fold the recommended therapeutic dose appears to be benign.

Adverse Reactions

As with numerous pharmaceutical sedatives, next morning somnolence is a possible side-effect of therapy; however, evidence from two human studies suggests this is not associated with valerian use.

Vivid dreams were reported in one study; however, this is considered rare by clinicians.

Paradoxical effects have been observed in clinical practice; however, this also appears to be rare.

Occasionally, headache and gastrointestinal symptoms have been reported.

Significant Interactions


Theoretically, potentiation effects may occur at high doses; however, this has not been tested under clinical conditions — observe patients taking valerian concurrently with pharmaceutical sedatives.


RCTs have shown no potentiation effects with alcohol use.