Wild yam: Significant Interactions. Practice Points

Insufficient reliable data are available to determine whether interactions may occur.

Contraindications and Precautions

None known.

Pregnancy Use

Likely to be safe when consumed in dietary amounts; however, safety is not known when used in larger quantities.

Practice Points / Patient Counselling

• Wild yam is a popular root vegetable in some parts of the world.

• It is also a popular ingredient in commercial herbal formulas developed for menopausal women.

• Wild yam has been touted as having progesteronal and/or oestrogenic activity, but current evidence suggests this is unlikely.

• There is no clinical or scientific evidence to support the use of wild yam in treatment of conditions of the female reproductive system.

• Wild yam root may be useful as an antispasmodic. Its use as a natural hormone appears misguided.